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Discover the proven solution to chronic pain — without pills, bills, & procedures

  • Get out of pain as fast as possible… no matter how chronic, stubborn, or agonizing

  • Stop wasting your time & money on solutions that don’t work (& never will)

  • Finally feel like yourself again (without surgeries, injections, & drugs) 


The Living Pain Free Method is the tested & proven solution to ongoing physical pain that physicians, physical therapists, & chiropractors don’t want you to know about. Why? Because without drugs, surgeries, & injections, there’s no money for them to make...

Instead of relying on expensive, invasive, & unproven solutions, the Living Pain Free Method blends “best-of” practices & principles from kinesiotherapy, neuromuscular therapy, physical rehabilitation, & bodywork to craft a custom plan almost guaranteed to get you feeling like yourself again as fast as humanly possible.

Stop “coping” with pain, “hoping” for the best, & forcing your loved ones to suffer with you.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Vince Catteruccia...

Founder of the Living Pain Free Method & renowned clinical rehabilitation specialist known for getting people like you out of pain when nobody else can. When the revolving door of medical professionals — like physicians, chiropractors, & physical therapists — fail, the “lucky few” get sent my way & finally end their suffering once & for all (without surgeries, injections, & drugs). 


My team and I do this through the Living Pain Free Method. The “Method” is always unique to your needs (no quick fixes or cookie-cutter solutions... ever). Every custom plan blends the “best-of” practices & principles from kinesiotherapy, neuromuscular therapy, physical rehabilitation, & bodywork to get you feeling like yourself again as fast as humanly possible.


Without it, you will continue cycling through expensive, extreme, & unproven solutions. Letting pills, bills, & procedures run your life, trying surgeries, injections, & drugs that do more harm than good, & forcing your loved ones to suffer with you as pain steals your health & happiness.

With it, you will put an end to your suffering for good, experience the joy of living pain free, & reclaim your health, happiness, & livelihood once & for all.

Begin your journey to feeling like your “old self” again by claiming your free consultation call below.

Fix Me, Dr. Vince

Introducing The Living Pain Free Method… 

The proven solution to pain the medical system doesn’t want you to know about…


  • Get out of chronic pain as fast as humanly possible
  • Discover a “forever” solution so old pain never comes back
  • Stop making your friends, family, & significant other suffer with you
  • No longer wake up “hoping” for the best & working “around” your pain
  • Side-step surgeries, injections, & other intrusive solutions 

It’s time to “stop” coping... & start living again.

The truth is you can keep trying everything under the sun — from snake oil to surgeries — to finally solve your pain…

...or you can get a custom plan that skips the pills, bills, & procedures to get you out of pain & on with your life as fast as humanly possible. 

The choice is yours.

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End My Suffering

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"Dr. Vince has solved all of my issues — many times over. He’s a godsend to me. "

- Mark Brodhagen

"I call Dr. Vince my “body whisperer.” At 52 years old, I see people deteriorating. But I’m accelerating. It’s thanks to Dr. Vince. "

- Bradley Berdnt
Dealership Owner

"After breaking several bones in my bank, I went everywhere in Wisconsin to try and get out of pain. Within minutes, Dr. Vince fixed me up. What other professionals couldn’t do, he did… now I feel like I’m 20 years old again. "

- Todd Dessell
Correctional Sergeant

"After a motorcycle accident, I battled nagging pain & couldn’t stand for stretches at a time. As a hairdresser who couldn’t stand, I couldn’t work before I met Dr. Vince. His methods changed my life... Now I stand pain-free for 13 hours a day & recommend him to everyone I know. He’s one of a kind. And he can change your life, too. "

- Jennifer Pierce
Salon Owner

"I battled back pain for 15 years. Had multiple surgeries & no relief. I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t bend down. I couldn’t even lift my kids. Honestly, I hated my life & wanted to die. Thanks to Dr. Vince, I lifted my kids for the first time ever. Now I’m doing everything I used to — fishing, skiing, hunting, & climbing — completely pain-free. Dr. Vince heals in a way no one else does. I have my life back thanks to him. "

- Jason Perkins
Financial Planner

"As a mother of 4, I was distraught when I developed both hip pain & a limp from carrying my kids. After just 1 month of working with Dr. Vince, all of my pain went away. "

- Cara Perkins
Amazing Mom of 4

These are real people finally experiencing the thrill of living pain free thanks to my methods. And almost all of them had been battling pain for years while being prescribed drugs, injections, & surgeries before they found me.


We didn’t pay them to share their stories. And these results aren’t typical results. After all, every person’s pain is different. However, it’s hard to imagine anyone not experiencing relief if they follow the simple instructions & methods revealed in the Living Pain Free Method.


Imagine finally living a life without chronic pain...



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