I battled back pain for 15 years. Had multiple surgeries & no relief. I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t bend down. I couldn’t even lift my kids. Honestly, I hated my life & wanted to die.

Thanks to Dr. Vince, I lifted my kids for the first time ever. Now I’m doing everything I used to — fishing, skiing, hunting, & climbing — completely pain-free.

Dr. Vince heals in a way no one else does. I have my life back thanks to him.

-Jason Perkins

After a motorcycle accident, I battled nagging pain & couldn’t stand for stretches at a time. As a hairdresser who couldn’t stand, I couldn’t work before I met Dr. Vince.

His methods changed my life...

Now I stand pain-free for 13 hours a day & recommend him to everyone I know. He’s one of a kind. And he can change your life, too.

- Jennifer Pierce


I call Dr. Vince my “body whisperer.”

At 52 years old, I see people deteriorating. But I’m accelerating. It’s thanks to Dr. Vince.

-Bradley Berdnt

After breaking several bones in my back, I went everywhere in Wisconsin to try and get out of pain. Within minutes, Dr. Vince fixed me up.

What other professionals couldn’t do, he did now I feel like I’m 20 years old again.

-Todd Dessell


As a mother of 4, I was distraught when I developed both hip pain & a limp from carrying my kids. After just 1 month of working with Dr. Vince, all of my pain went away.

-Cara Perkins

Dr. Vince has solved all of my issues — many times over. He’s a godsend to me.

-Mark Brodhagen



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Dr. Vince Catteruccia 

Dr. Vince Catteruccia is a clinical rehabilitation specialist and an expert at isolating problems and producing pain-free solutions for his clients without resorting to medication or surgery. He has a unique combination of professional credentials that include a PhD in Behavioral Health from Arizona State University, a Master’s of Science degrees in Kinesiotherapy, Rehabilitation Sciences, and Human Performance, registration as a kinesiotherapist, and licensing as a neuromuscular therapist. He’s traveled the globe to add to his knowledge and skills, spending time in Prague (Czech Republic) at The Motol Hospital “Prague School” of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine.

His lifelong learning and training empowers him to help sufferers of chronic pain to find relief and improvement, even when the medical establishment has failed to do so. He uses his knowledge of muscuoskeletal rehabilitation principles to help clients minimize or eliminate functional limitations. He also works with athletes to reach higher levels of performance, and active military personnel to help them with musculoskeletal pain. With his clients as partners not patients, he develops personalized plans and workouts to help them in achieving pain-free lives.

Vince lives in Arizona with his wife, Jennifer, and his son, Gabriel. In his free time, Vince is an avid cross country, endurance mountain bike racer. With his family, he enjoys strength training, bike riding, and hiking.

He also spends time focusing on creating an ideal life for him and his family as well as for his clients, which means continuing to read, write, imagine and develop more effective ways to become stronger, less fragile physically, emotionally and mentally.  


Dr. Vince has healed thousands of clients, with all types of musculoskeletal conditions. Why not you (or your loved one)?

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