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6 Secrets Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You To Know About Your Pain


The medical system has no incentive to help you really get better.  In fact, just the opposite.  The Big Med System is actually a sick care system.  Motivated by money and that money comes from caring for the sick not the healthy.   

The medical system has zero incentive to help you get better…

In fact, just the opposite. 

The big med system is actually a sick-care system. Meaning they want you to be sick, so they can make money.

The truth (that you’re not supposed to know) is today’s medical system is solely motivated by money. And that money comes from treating the sick — that’s why they provide short-term fixes like drugs and injections, rather than permanent solutions to keep you healthy for the long-haul.

Now that you have a preview of what’s to come, let’s cut to the chase…


6 Secrets Everybody Oughta Know About Pain


Secret 1: Hidden Sources of Pain

Imagine your body as a “bucket.”

A bucket swirling with your life experiences, all the way back to birth.

Now I’m not just talking the obvious like broken bones, sports injuries, and accidents.

For example, nutrition.  

Most people have no clue that what you eat impacts how you feel, and more importantly, how you heal

How about family?

Believe it or not, family-related stress can amplify your experience with pain. 

These are just a few of the hidden sources of pain doctors fail to investigate or mention. And ultimately, no solution will work if some of these things aren’t addressed.


Secret 2: The Concept of Compensation (& Its Limitations)

Your body can only handle a certain amount of stress before it overflows into the muscle (soft tissue) system.  

It’s equally resilient yet fragile.

You see, your body has the ability to “compensate” when an injury occurs.  Compensation is a work-around for normal movement that can’t be done due to obstruction, injury, or pain. For example: When a person’s shoulder hurts and they still need to get things from the fridge or cabinet.  They change the position of the elbow to accommodate the shoulder limitation.  The shoulder starts to feel better. Unfortunately, this is also the reason the elbow starts to hurt...

The problem is, we collect dings and dangs during your lifetime and compensate over and over again until the body fatigues. The compensation system becomes completely overloaded and bango!  The pain that used to magically get better (courtesy of compensation) rears its ugly head and never goes away again.  

Once you hit your threshold of compensation, pain becomes a resident evil that decimates your happiness, health, and livelihood.


Secret 3: Find The “Linchpin” & Your Body Will Rebound

The body wants to feel good and work right.  

When injured, the body goes into high gear searching for a way to solve the problem.  Wasting energy (calories) in an effort to quickly find a solution.  This is why a person who suffers from pain over time fatigues. You’d feel worn out and the days become long and arduous.  

Here’s the good news: When we discover the “linchpin” of pain, the body is quick to rebound as it pushes to feel right again. The trick is finding that linchpin.


Secret 4: It Can “Hurt” To Get Out Of Pain

Understanding the difference between hurt and pain can be the primary obstacle to becoming pain free. 

Pain is defined as a response to a noxious stimulus.  In other words, if you put your hand in a fire (noxious stimulus) your brain registers pain! Whereas, the burn of a muscle working is classified as ‘hurt’.  

Pain is bad.  Hurt is a necessary experience in the process of healing!  

Here’s your new mindset: Sometimes it hurts to become well.


Secret 5: Don’t Poke the Bear

It’s amazing what people do to themselves without realizing it.  

When you are suffering from pain, you must stop doing the things that provoke the pain. As simple as it is, it’s hard to do.

Putting shoes on, pulling pants up, going to the bathroom, washing your hair, standing in line, pushing a cart, there’s so many ways to aggravate the system.  

Your job is simple: Figure out what pokes the bear and stop doing it. More often than not, your doctor won’t bother with this simple advice.


Secret 6: Sparing Strategies Can Almost Instantly Reduce Pain

As much as you shouldn’t poke the bear, you should also get familiar with sparing strategies that offer quick relief.

For instance; To avoid back pain, you must learn the hip hinge technique. Using the hip hinge to sit or put your shoes on. 

So much for doctor’s orders... 

These 6 secrets should be common knowledge. But until the money-hungry medical system starts focusing on long-term, sustainable solutions, quick-fixes, drugs, invasive “solutions”, and hefty bills are the norm. 


My advice to you? Stop letting pain rule your life…

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