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7 Things You Should Already Know About Your Body (That Nobody Tells You)


Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

Rewind back to high school: Remember shop class? If your curriculum was like mine, you can tear down a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower with ease. How about Home Ec? Yours truly can still sew a cuff (and bake cookies) if put to the test.

Meanwhile, even the simplest lessons about the human body seemed to be completely skipped over for things like tag and red rover.

The truth is we spent more time in our younger days learning useless life skills than we did learning about the one thing that matters most in this life: Your body.

Crazy, right?

Well-educated adults can go their whole lives knowing nothing about the knee pain they battle daily, the cramps that strike out of nowhere, the foods that drain their  brain, and the shoes destroying their back. 

These are all things we should have been taught by 6th grade.

So let’s flip the script and get you up to speed right here, right now...


The 7 things you need to know about your body (that nobody talks about) 

1. Shoes are a secret source of pain. Did you know what you wear on your feet could be amplifying your pain — or even triggering it? If your shoes are worn out, unsupportive, or simply the wrong “fit,” all the surgeries, drugs, and injections in the world will never give you permanent relief.

2. Your hamstrings are the last muscle in your body you should stretch. Surprise: All those “experts” touting hamstring stretches as a back pain “cure-all” are wrong.

3. Low back pain can have nothing to do with your back. In 2017, 577 million people experienced low back pain. And that number is only rising. But while most medical professionals treat the back, tight calves and weak glutes could actually be what’s triggering your pain. 

4. Your body is actually built to walk. Your body wasn’t made to sit for hours on end staring at a computer screen or stand around tapping away on your phone. Therefore, sitting and standing alone could be causing you pain.

5. Common advice is crap. Common advice points to water and potassium for preventing — and relieving — cramps. But magnesium and calcium are just as important. This quick pain-relieving tip is one of many that illustrate a major point: Common “advice” should be questioned.

6. The source of your pain isn’t always where you feel pain. Example: Tight calves are a hidden source of knee pain. And weak glutes are a hidden source of back pain. When it comes to pain, most medical professionals focus on the outcome instead of the source. Fixing the source — no matter where it is — equates to permanent relief.

7. Always support the arches of your feet. Your interaction with the ground can have everything to do with how your body feels. Avoid aches, pains, and ailments by supporting the arches of your feet.


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