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Is Your Skin the Secret Source of Pain?


Let’s be real...

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending all kinds of time and money on physical therapy only to have your all-too-familiar pain continue to rear its ugly head.

The stretching, exercises, and massages are a hassle. But you do as you're told and expect results. 

If you’re like most of the clients who come my way after disappointing bouts of physical therapy (or failed drugs, injections, and surgeries), you may have experienced some relief or improvement, but your pain never went away for good.

What gives?

Therapy, drugs, and other common quick-fixes almost always skip over one of the most common — yet covert — sources of pain: Your skin.

And treating the outcome instead of the source puts you on the fast-track back to suffering.

The truth is the most overlooked source of pain in physical therapy is your skin. 

Let me explain...


How Your Skin Can Trigger Chronic Pain

Your skin needs to freely float while gliding over muscles and fat to allow for proper range of motion and to avoid being a catalyst for pain.

Imagine your skin as a scuba suit…

The more restricted the suit becomes, the more likely you are to lose range of motion and experience pain.


There are 2 ways your skin can become so restrictive that it produces — and amplifies — pain:

  1. Weight gain. Certainly if you gain excessive weight, you’ll experience tightening of the skin and therefore limited range of motion. And in some cases, that alone can trigger pain.
  2. Wounds. Over time, wounds can “strangle” your body’s skin tissue. This stranglehold they have over your skin is often evident by scars. Scars are a secret source of pain nobody talks about.

No need to double-click on weight gain, but let’s dive deeper on wounds…


Why Wounds & Scars Are Catalysts For Lifelong Pain

If you have a wound — at any point in time — that cuts or pierces the skin, you tend to get a scar.

We collect them over the years, sometimes unknowingly. 

The problem is scars tack to the lower layers of your skin and sometimes, even right to the bone. 

This is the equivalent of strangling your body’s skin tissue, which is an almost-instant recipe for limited range of motion.

And as time goes by, scars can mature to the point where they cause mobility and circulatory issues while damaging the surrounding joints. All of which come with a heaping dose of pain.

This can be the case with any scar, no matter how big or small. 

If the skin is damaged, pain can occur. 

So the real solution to your chronic pain may be to evaluate your skin — and your scars. 

Unfortunately, most therapy programs go too deep too fast. Missing this “secret” source of pain sitting within your skin.

My advice: Check your scuba suit.


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