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Meet Dr. Vince

I’m sure you’re wondering, who am I to make such claims?

I’ve helped thousands of people just like you — from parents & professionals to athletes & military personnel — get out of pain & on with their lives…

But honestly, I don’t like talking about myself. I’ve thrived as the “best-kept secret” in pain solution for more than 30 years. And despite my qualifications, I prefer to refer to myself as a problem-solver, rather than a musculoskeletal pain specialist.

People like you tend to find me after money-hungry medical professionals have failed them over (& over) again. I believe in results more than credentials, but here are a few of my qualifications that have influenced the Living Pain Free Method:

  • PhD: Behavioral Health 
  • Master’s Degree: Kinesiotherapy Rehabilitation Sciences 
  • Master’s Degree: Human Performance
  • Registered Kinesiotherapist
  • Licensed Neuromuscular Therapist

I consider my clients “partners,” not patients. Which is why the Living Pain Free Method (learn more about the Living Pain Free Method here.) is all about revealing your personalized plan to a pain-free life.

While most medical professionals treat you like a number & a quick payday by prescribing drugs & injections that give you short-term relief (& keep you coming back for more), my goal is simple: Get you out of pain once & for all.

So before you waste your insurance on another questionable specialist, pay out of pocket for solutions you know won’t work, or try another intense treatment that puts your life on pause, let’s chat...


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